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Steel products for industry

In industry, it is very important to use appropriate machines as well as structural elements. The Polish company Perfopol deals with the production of high quality steel elements of this kind. We have been operating on the international market for many years, and our offer is still growing in popularity. Particularly noteworthy are, among others, woven nets, as well as other types of steel mesh and sheet metal, which can be installed even in particularly demanding environments. Perfopol uses modern steel, which is fully resistant to all kinds of atmospheric factors, because it does not rust. The metal we make woven nets is also resistant to strong acids. In our comprehensive offer you will also find elements such as steel work platforms, as well as perforated ladder steps that prevent accidents. The rich offer of Perfopol could also include modern services related to sheet steel processing. We can, among others, perform any kind of perforation on their surface with the help of a special industrial press.